Guided Tours with Workshop

Date: Weekdays, from 1 March 2020

Time: 10am – 8pm *

Price: $15 – $20 per student (before GST)

Learn more about Chinese Singaporean culture from our trained facilitators as they take students on a guided tour of the permanent exhibition. Complete your session with an exciting hands-on workshop inspired by the exhibition.

Choose from programmes which have been specially developed to offer students a holistic learning experience. Students can express their creativity and originality through a range of activities from craft making to art techniques, to music making and song writing.

Guided tour requests must be sent at least five weeks prior to your date of visit. Each programme may accommodate a minimum of 20 students and a maximum of 40 students.

Please download and fill up the Guided Tour With Workshop Form and email to [email protected] to make a booking request.

* School groups may request to visit the exhibition earlier at 9am. A minimum of 20 students is required for such requests.

Stories of the Past Go back in time and learn more about our Chinese Singaporeanculture in this fun-filled and experiential tour of the permanentexhibition. Through an immersive in-gallery experience, studentswill get the opportunity to interact with the displays and listento stories of the past. In the hands-on activity segment, studentscan also try their hand at creating their own artworks as a formof reflection.

This programme may be conducted in English or Mandarin andis relevant to the teaching of Character & Citizenship Education,English, Chinese Language and Art.

Schools may opt for just the 1.5 hour guided tour at $15.

Guided tour +art workshop (1.5 hours) By Art Loft
$15 per student(before GST)
How Do We Celebrate Chinese Festivals? Learn about Chinese festivals celebrated in Singapore in thisinteractive guided tour of the permanent exhibition, completewith storytelling, songs and drama. In the hands-on activitysegment, students can learn more about the traditions of Chinese New Year, how it has evolved in Singapore,and crafttheir own festival-related craftwork.

This programme may be conducted in English orMandarinand is relevant to the teaching ofSequencing, Comparing &Identifying, Literacy, Creative Expression, Music & Movement.

Guided tour +craft workshop (2 hours) By Preschool Market
$20 per student(before GST)

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